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Help us realize our projects! All donations directly benefit the Ray of Light Foundation projects. You can make one-off or multiple donations via iDeal.

This page provides an overview of projects that have already been completed.

Ekpu water project

Water has the power to improve life, but it also has the power to destroy it. It is one of the most prolific killers in the world. Diarrhea, caused by poor hygiene and contaminated drinking water, kills more children under the age of five than measles, HIV and malaria combined.

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Lighting for Okpuala

The Ray of Light Foundation has successfully installed 100 solar street lamps and distributed 1,500 solar reading lamps in Okpuala village, Ngwa-Ukwu Municipality, Abia State, Nigeria.


Sanitary project Umuoha

In the ancient kingdom of Umuoha in Abia, Nigeria we have been busy setting up our project; the 'Umuoha Community Water Project'. This program is aimed at reducing water-related diseases.

Toilet facility front view.jpg

Cassava innovation

Nigeria's under-5 mortality rate is ranked 14th in the world and there is only one doctor available for every 3,500 people, according to UNICEF figures. Moreover, 85% of deaths are hunger-related in children under 5 years of age. These are unnecessary deaths, which can be minimized or prevented.

COVID-19 Intervention Project

Corona affects us all, but the impact is different on every person and in every region. You will now live in a village very close to a refugee camp in Nigeria where thousands of refugees from Cameroon live. Hugged together and no soap to be seen for miles around. The outbreak of the virus is spreading rapidly in the city and to host villages. The poor host communities have hardly any resources to help the refugees. But now, with an outbreak of the coronavirus, help there is unthinkable!

The aim of the Covid-19 intervention project is to procure 10,000 KN95 face masks, 10 infrared Covid-19 test kits and 100 disinfectants to 10 healthcare centers in Isiala Ngwa Abia State Nigeria.


Project Solar lighting

Thanks to the solar street lighting, the market can be traded for longer, allowing market traders to sell more products and not have to throw them away at the end of the day.

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Empower Talent pilot

The life of refugees in the Netherlands was the source of inspiration for the foundation to develop this new idea. How can you support refugees in the process of self-reliance and inspire other target groups in society? Ray of Light believes that this can be done by first positioning refugees more strongly in Dutch society, especially now that society is hardening

The reay of light foundation logo

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