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About The Ray of Light Foundation

Everyone has access to clean drinking water

A better future for children if mothers can work

Improving health for a better future

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Our story

The Ray of Light Foundation is a development organization that is active in Nigeria from the Netherlands. The foundation was founded in 2009 by author Bruce Cerew. He believes that all women and children, regardless of origin, ethnicity, religion and social background, should have access to basic economic needs.

We do this by setting up projects that create a lasting future for underprivileged young people and village women. We develop sustainable and self-sufficient projects that benefit women and young people, because experience teaches us and we believe: if mothers earn money and are financially independent, their children can have a better future!

We believe that our target group is motivated and develops a sense of dignity and responsibility when they are in an environment that offers opportunities for growth. In this way we create a better day for them today and tomorrow.

Our vision


Our mission is to set up sustainable projects that increase self-reliance. We reach out to people with little chance of success in West African society.

The Ray of Light Foundation reaches out to underprivileged young people and women in Nigeria, Africa. Our mission is to set up a sustainable and self-sufficient project focused on agriculture, the processing of agricultural products, drinking water supply and vocational education

In this way we help women to be independent and young people off the streets, to believe in possibilities again, in themselves, and thus make a positive contribution to their environment


The benefits of sustainable projects come from the very essence of what they are designed to do: they reduce unemployment and fundamentally improve the social well-being of individuals and communities, while creating more jobs and increasing opportunities for future entrepreneurship in the area.

We believe that the modern agricultural system can increase food security, help increase productivity and generate a stable income for hundreds of rural women.
We are convinced that women are empowered by working in this sector, generating their own source of income for their families.

School Projects

The Foundation aims to empower young people in as many schools as possible, activate them to utilize their talent potential, introduce them to cultural diversity in a positive way and offer a positive alternative in a time of so much diversity and division. .

Adolescents and young people are in a difficult phase. In a world with a diversity of people and possibilities, they are looking for themselves and their possibilities. While some are given opportunities, others need more courage to discover their strength within themselves.

To bring this diversity together, insight is needed: while one person could have more understanding for the other, the other needs the realization that he or she is good just the way he/she is because he or she has not been able to develop enough self-esteem.

Both target groups need an example, an incentive to get the best out of themselves and not fall into drug use, vandalism or sit at home as an unemployed young person.
Bruce Cerew, founder and ambassador of the Ray of Light foundation, and also author of the books “War Child” and “De Lange Weg” is committed with heart and soul to encouraging young people and giving them insight into their possibilities here in the Netherlands. .


The Ray of Light Foundation offers training based on the MBST program and mind empowerment methods adapted for a specific target group. The participants were given tools and new insights to gain more control over their own lives.

If you have any questions about the workshop and/or would like more information, please contact us via the form or email

The reay of light foundation logo

The Ray Of Light


Ray of Light Foundation
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